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Learn Hypnosis

Learn ‘real’ Hypnosis with Joseph Clough and become a certified Hypnotherapist.

Joseph is known worldwide when it comes to Hypnosis and making powerful changes with people. He has been featured in almost all national newspapers and even has featured on ITV1s Tonight show.

Now you have a unique opportunity to learn what Joseph does to help his clients so you can become a Hypnotherapist and do what he does or if you are already a Hypnotherapist you can add to your skillset with this Certified Hypnotherapy Training Course over 5 days. 

With over Many ‘Hypnotherapists’ feel it takes a long 20 minute plus to induce trance and require many sessions to help someone. Joseph is different, he beliefs it takes one or two sessions, he also believes Hypnosis does not take 20mins to induce... or even minutes it can take just seconds..

Why not learn from Joseph who Hypnotizes and help people on a daily basis?

A Teacher who not only do the talk but do the walk too. 21st Century Hypnosis at its best.

What You Will Learn:

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